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Posted on July 5, 2018

Creative Sign Design in APA's "Zoning Practice"

Zoning-Practice-2018-07_Page_1The July 2018 issue of Zoning Practice, the American Planning Association’s (APA) monthly publication, features ISA's article on “Sign Regulations That Encourage Creative Design.”

This edition of Zoning Practice was written by James Carpentier, AICP. James is ISA's director of state and local government affairs.

APA's Zoning Practice monitors the latest trends in local land use controls and that delivers practical guidance for code drafters and administrators.

Nearly 200 planners attended James’ panel presentation "Sign Regulations That Encourage Creative Design" at the APA National Planning Conference in New Orleans on April 23rd. The session, moderated by James, included planners from Gilbert AZ, Tucson AZ and Phoenix AZ, and helped attendees learn innovative ways to regulate signs that contain the elements of outstanding design.

The Zoning Practice article on “Sign Regulations That Encourage Creative Design” includes even more examples of communities which encourage creative sign design through their sign codes.

You can purchase a copy of the article on APA's website.


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David Hickey
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James Carpentier, AICP
Director, State & Local Goverment

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Kenny Peskin
Director, Industry Programs | @signcodeguy


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